Zoom Rhythmtrak Rt323 Drum Machine

The RT-323 is the latest model of the RhythmTrak series, that contains all the functions you need for stand alone drum machine. Traditional concept like Drum + Bass Machine is the same, plus 4 track configuration: Drum A + Drum B + Bass + Song Track is the totally new feature. Additionally, Large LCD panel, 24 bit D/A, 377 source samples, Real-time song recording function, sound Jammer slider, Midi In/Out, are available. Smart media card slot makes possible to expand data library and to keep data compatibility with PS-02.4-track configuration: Drum A + Drum B + Bass + Song trackCombine two drum tracks with a bass line and a song track, put together a balanced set of drums, percussion, and bass, or fuse dual drums kits with a bass program. Pattern programming on three tracks is easy. Whether you want to combine different sounding drum kits or try out various bass pattern variations, the RT- 323 delivers. A separate song track is great for recording fill-ins, single sound events, or sound effects.Large LCD panel shows all needed information at a glancePads and switches light up internally, making the unit simple to operate even in low light conditions. The rounded layout places the pads with built-in velocity sensors right at your fingertips. Large encoder knobs and large LCD panel are highly useful for editing data. Those user interfaces has been designed with careful attention to every detail.24-bit D/A converter provides 377 source samplesFrom the traditional rhythm track sound, dynamic live sound, powerful compression sound, dry sound for post-production sessions, to Lo-Fi sound for hip-hop grooves, the RT-323 has got it! The 24-bit D/A converter reproduces the full envelope with superior clarity, goes far beyond general purpose sound module.500 patterns: 400 preset + 100 user400 preset patterns, covering various music styles. In addition, you can create 100 user patterns for your complete original rhythm track.64 preset drum kits and 64 user programmable kitsDrum Kits include Live Rock, Hip-Hop, Analogue, Techno and all music categories. Within each kit, there are 13 pads x 3 banks, resulting in 39 sounds that can be played in any combination. By freely mixing and matching sound sources, you can create up to 64 user kits.Assign patterns to pads: Real-time song recording is a snapYou can assign various patterns such as intro, melody A, melody B, fill-in A, fill-in B, and ending to the pads and then play and record them at will in real time.Assign 12-note scale to pads for writing bass linesAssign 12-note scale to pads and turn them into a keyboard for playing bass lines. Available range covers three octaves.Versatile editing functions designed for the needs of musiciansWith simple keystrokes, advanced pattern copy (pattern part for example) and paste functions are available. You don't have to repeat same keystrokes many times.Line input is convenient for practicingPlug in another instrument and mix it with the sounds of the RT-323. No need for an expensive and complex mixer setup.Groove Play function for DJ useThe RT-323 is ideal for the DJ. Assign patterns to the pads and play them in real time.Sound Jammer Slider for real-time adjustmentA handy JAM slider lets you adjust the sound on the fly, for quick adjustment of volume or pitch. You can even tailor the hi-hat opening slope.Full MIDI support with MIDI recorder functionOperate a sequencer or other MIDI component in sync with the RT-323 acting as dedicated drum machine. The bulk dump feature of MIDI is also supported, letting you save all internal data of the RT-323 on another device. The MIDI recorder function allows real-time recording and playback.Two sub outputs and two control inputs provide superior flexibilityAssign any sound source to the control in lines, and make optimum use of foot switch and expression pedal simultaneously.Lightweight, compact and ergonomic layoutTake it into the rehearsal studio or on stage, by AC or Battery operation. Optimized circuitry makes efficient use of battery power, over 7 hours.SmartMedia gives you virtually unlimited capacity for storingSmartMedia allows you to store your data whenever you like and take them with you wherever you go.

Model: RT323