Yamaha Dtxtreme Iis Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha Dtxtreme Iis Electronic Drum Kit
Yamaha Drums combines the time-tested strengths of digital technology research with advanced drum manufacturing in the new DTXTREME IIS electronic drum system. The DTXTREME IIS features a 6-piece configuration with three cymbal pads. Upgrades include a new rack, great feeling pads, sampling capabilities and a selection of physically modeled voices from the award-winning Yamaha Motif product line—stereo acoustic instruments, ambient textures and the best waveforms from Yamaha's top-end synthesizers.New, soft 3-zone rubber pads offer players the ultimate in performance comfort, natural feel and rebound. Each pad includes individual controls for pitch and pad selection, while snare pads also feature adjustable dampening control. The high hat controller combines an acoustic-type stand with electronic pads for a traditional look and feel.While the original Yamaha DTXTREME was developed primarily for the professional musician, the new DTXTREME IIS offers the electronic drum enthusiast the best value on the market, whether they're a full-time drummer or an upscale hobbyist.Onboard electronics include 1,757 realistic drum voices, 128 GM voices, up to 90 preset drum kits, 40 user kits, 164 preset songs, up to 32 user-created songs, the Groove Check practice feature and an easy-view backlit display. More than 8 MB of voices, kits or songs may be stored and retrieved via a SmartMedia® storage card. The DTXTREME IIS will connect directly to a PC or Mac computer via an external MIDI interface or the integrated TO HOST connection for editing or downloading Web content.With the new Yamaha Motif sounds, the incredible feeling pads and unique high hat controller, you can get a professional sounding electronic kit without breaking the bank. The DTXTREME IIS puts that technology into one great package, and makes it accessible.
Bass Drum Pedal not included