Vintage Lvr2000 Metal Axxe Raider Left Handed

Vintage Lvr2000 Metal Axxe Raider Left Handed
Taking the traditional, double cutaway electric guitar design and seriously radicalising it, the Metal Axxe® Raider™ really sharpens up its act to make sure that it’s ready for some extreme playing action... Check out the total neck access offered by the Raider’s large twin body cutaways which let you rip it up over the full two octave fretboard. Simple and straightforward single volume and single tone rotaries are coupled to a 5-way selector – no poncing about with delicate out-of-phase settings here, dude; just let it roar...Loaded with a humbucker / single coil / humbucker pickup layout, these babies feature blade polepieces for maximum tone right across the strings – even during the wildest bends and scariest dive-bombs, courtesy of the onboard Floyd Rose® double locking tremolo system.Check out too the way cool, swooping ‘scythe’ scratchplate, and the reversed pointed headstock at the end of the bolt-on, rosewood board neck. Riff monster!

Model: LVR2000