Takamine Dsp1 Pre Amp

Takamine Dsp1 Pre Amp
DSP PREAMP FEATURES1. Volume level is controlled by the increase and decrease buttons. 2. Bass and Treble are independently controlled by the increase and decrease buttons. 3. DSP features a selectable "two-tone" Reverb on board. Reverb has a dark reverb adjustment and a bright reverb adjustment, indicated as a "d" or "b" in the Alphanumeric Display. The "d & b" functions are switched by pressing both "REVERB" buttons together. Reverb Level is controlled by the increase and decrease buttons. 4. The Tuner is activated by pressing the "TUNE" button. One press allows tuning the guitar with sound to the output. A second press mutes the output to allow silent tuning. A third press disables the tuner. 5. The "MUTE" feature silences the sound output. Press both the "VOLUME" increase and decrease buttons together to activate. Press either button to de-activate. Please notice the "MUTE" LED indicator when engaged. The Sub Function button, "SUB FUNC" is used to activate the Frequency Select, Frequency Level, and the Feedback Absorber functions. When the Sub Function LED is on, these three functions are active and the BASS/TREBLE/REVERB functions are inactive. Each can then be adjusted by the increase or decrease buttons. The Parametric Equalizer offers versatile tone adjustment for variations in acoustic environments. In the "SUB FUNC" mode, the "F.LEVEL" must be first either increased or decreased to enable hearing the change in Frequency selection. "F.SELECT" is then adjusted by pressing the increase or decrease buttons, to sweep through the tonal frequency range. 6. Factory Preset EQ Settings are changed by using the "UP/DOWN" buttons. These are indicated by the numbers "0 - 9" with the small red LED lit in the top left corner of the Alphanumeric Display window. 7. Personal Memory Settings are indicated by the numbers "0 - 9" without the red LED. To create a personal memory setting, first choose a factory preset that you'd like to start from ("0" is the flattest). Then make any EQ adjustments you prefer. Next, push "WRITE" and the display will blink slowly. Then change the preset number to any number without the red dot lit. This will be your personal number for that EQ setting. Lastly, press "WRITE" one more time and the LED will blink three times to confirm that it is saved. 8. The Feedback Absorber, "FBA" offers variable adjustment for averting feedback problems in different acoustic environments. In the "SUB FUNC" mode, the "FBA" increase button must first be pressed to increase the feedback attenuation. While holding the increase button, press the decrease button to change the feedback note (shown in Alphanumeric display). Feedback will be eliminated by attenuating the correct fundamental note.

Model: DSP1