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Pro Co Deucetone - Dual Rat Distortion
Introducing DeuceTone ó M
a professional, two channel distortion device. Consisting of two independent Rat units, the DeuceTone channels can be used separately, in stereo, or cascaded together for ...
For 25 years, discerning guitarists have used the Ratís magic distortion. Now, bass players can have their own radically different sound designed specifically for the bass. The Juggernaut provides thr ...
Researched and designed to produce a sound that is radically different from any "distortion" you've ever heard before--a sound as mellow as a vintage "twin", or as bone-crushingly powerful as a batter ...
First off, the "SOLO" is not a "RAT" Pedal, but rather the first of a new generation of effects pedals from ProCo Sound. While "RAT" pedals have been a staple of the guitar industry for decades, Charl ...
Pro Co Turbo Rat
Feel the crunch and power of the distortion pedal designed to take you to new and unexplored heights. The Pro Co TurboRAT enables you to break away from the pack and drive beyond the realm of traditio ...
Pro Co Vintage Rat
For years, guitarists have sought that "magic" sound, that elusively perfect blend of distortion, sustain and cutting power, usually found only at a volume too loud for club and studio work. Distortio ...
Pro Co You Dirty Rat
You Dirty Rat, the latest revolution in stomp boxes is here. Pro Co Sound introduced the new You Dirty Rat, part of the Pro Co Rat line, at the winter NAMM 2004 show with much applause. In the late 70 ...
1 - 7 products displayed out of 7    Total Pages:  1