Marshall B150 150W 1X15 Combo

Marshall B150 150W 1X15 Combo
The Bass-State B150 offers some of the features of the acclaimed and highly professional Marshall Dynamic Bass System, such as valve to solid state Blendable Input pre-amp, strong Primary EQ and 7 band Graphic for detailed fine tuning. The Input Blend control allows you to select totally solid state performance, for sharper more percussive bass styles or introduces a single ECC83 pre-amp valve to add extra warmth and a softer feel to the bass. Features:The primary EQ is enhanced by extra Deep and Bright switches which when combined with the 7 band Graphic give you incredible tonal flexibility. The B150 additionally boasts Soft Knee Compression, SLS Limiter technology unique to Marshall, Line Out facilities and Effects Loop. Finally an XLR DI Output with Earth Lift (ground) switch completes the specification of this impressive combo.

Model: B150