Marshall Avt20X 20W 1X 10 Combo With Reverb

Marshall Avt20X 20W 1X 10 Combo With Reverb
AVT-20 Combo Marshall Amplifier

This is an amazingly well-built and well-sounding combo amp. Get crystal clear sounds, or kick in the boost switch, crank the gain, and you'll get that over-the-top Marshall tone. Unlike most combos, the AVT20 has a closed-back cabinet and a specially-designed Celestion 10" speaker. It sounds amazingly like a full-sized Marshall speaker cabinet!

This is a great first amp for any guitarist, and it makes an excellent tune-up or recording rig for those that may already have a big, bulky amplifier. And for those who live in an apartment, where a larger amp isn't practical, the AVT20 is the ideal compromise. This would also be a very good choice for those of you who want to use it with a talkbox.

Controls include Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Reverb. Inputs/ouputs include CD input, DI (speaker emulated direct recording output), headphone output, and extension speaker jack.

Weight: 15 kg. Dimensions (mm): 480 x 465 x 270. AC powered.

A little monster you have to hear to believe! It is amazingly loud for its small size. Ideal for for use in the home studio and dressing room, for backstage warmups and low-level rehearsals. The quality of its clean and overdrive modes will redefine your expectations of a low-powered, compact combo. It also features a CD input, speaker-emulated DI output, and a headphone jack that mutes the speaker. Like all the AVTs, its pre-amp section is based on an ECC83 and delivers great tone. 10&qauot; speaker. 20W.

An amazing amout of sound output for such a small 20W amp

Great tone from an ECC83-based pre-amp

Totally tube behavior and sound from a hybrid amp

Headphone jack allows for silent practice

CD input lets you jam along with your buds like Mick and Eric

Accutronics spring reverb gives you that good ol' sound

Model: AVT20