Korg Sp300 Digital Piano

Korg Sp300 Digital Piano
The SP-300 Digital Piano is the perfect answer for any pianist looking for rich piano sounds and the convenience of a lightweight, portable instrument. With built-in internal speakers and amplificationt, the SP-300 piano can fit the needs of any practicing or performance situation. Whether you're a professional musician, a student or simply playing for pleasure, the realism and flexibility of these instruments are sure to impress.

Superb piano sound
High-quality stereo samples of some of the world's finest grand pianos guarantee the SP-300's deep, defined, natural sound. There are four distinct and vibrant piano timbres: Grand Piano 1 and 2, Bright Piano, and Classic Piano. To round out the piano offerings, the SP-300 also features a vintage Electric Grand sound and an authentic Honky-Tonk piano.

Natural touch and feel
You'll find playing the SP-300 a delight, thanks to the velocity-sensitive hammer action keyboard, which faithfully reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano. Three carefully tuned touch curves allow you to tailor the keyboard to your own playing style. And with a generous 60-note polyphony, it can keep up with your most complex passages and pedaling moves. The optional DS-1H pedal provides a Half-Pedal Sustain function that will meet the needs of even the most demanding pianists.

Added effects
Two effects processors - one for Reverb and one for Chorus - add spaciousness and depth to the SP-300's sound, recreating everything from a subtle chorus effect to the ambience of a concert hall. The effects settings have been optimized for each individual sound and the user can choose from three levels - Light, Normal and Deep - to complement his or her performance.

A rich array of sounds

In addition to their piano sounds, the SP-300 also include a variety of electric pianos, plus jazz and pipe organs, harpsichord, clavinet, strings and choir for a total of 30 sounds! All of the sounds can be used individually, or in a two-sound layer. The table below shows the complete list of sounds.
Compact and versatile
While the SP-300's modern, stylish design makes them ideal for home use, they're more than just home pianos. With their lightweight and compact dimensions, the SP-300 is perfect for traveling to rehearsals, studio sessions or gigs. The internal speaker system also allows it to be used alone in many situations without requiring any external amplification, even offering line inputs into the speaker system to add a second instrument to your "mix". The SP-300RS is housed in a sleek silver cabinet with dark cherry end pieces. An optional stand is available in either Cherry Wood (shown above) or Dark Brown.

Ideal student pianos
The SP-300 piano features a built-in metronome and headphone output to encourage student practice. It also features two headphone outputs, so student and teacher can listen together. The metronomes have volume controls and the option of accenting the first beat of the bar to assist with rhythm practice. Students will also enjoy the flexible tuning options, which include instant transposing, fine tuning and additional temperament selections including the historical Kirnberger and Werckmeister scales .

Model: SP300