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Hohner Great Little Harp Harmonica
Available in the key of C ...
Hohner Big River Harp (Ms) Harmonica
With a cover design patterned after the ever-popular 1896 Marine Band, the Big River is optimized for a strong, bright tone. This is a great harmonica value thatís available in the full range of key c ...
Hohner Marine Band Harmonica
Internationally recognized by performers for its beauty and simplicity, this is the most favored and famous harmonica in the world. The 1896 features finely chrome-plated heavy convex covers and a dis ...
Hohner Blues Harp (Ms) Harmonica
This harmonicaís great traditional sound originates from an MS model with wood body, a good choice for playing the blues. Tough plastic case. ...
Hohner Special 20 Harmonica
A smooth "comfortable" feeling harmonica with genuine brass plates recessed in a plastic body. The Special 20 is an exceptionally warm-sounding airtight instrument with bolted on covers that comes in ...
Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica
The classic curve of this harmonica makes it especially easy-to-hold. This model offers a strong, full-bodied sound. Chrome-plated covers fit securely over a plastic comb for airtight playing. Comes i ...
Hohner Pro Harp (Ms) Harmonica
Known for a smooth, warm tone, the Pro Harp has the same sleek black non-stick covers as the Cross Harp, with a polished plastic comb and standard thickness reedplates. ...
Hohner Cross Harp (Ms) Harmonica
Thicker reedplates in this model provide an especially powerful sound and bend easily. The plastic comb has a gold reflective finish for a bright clear tone. Black covers are coated with a non-stick f ...
Hohner Golden Melody Tremolo Harmonica
Hohnerís Golden Melody models are distinguished by their curved bodies which are very comfortable to hold. This tremolo version provides the player with the vibrato sound some musical styles demand wi ...
Hohner Meisterklasse Harmonica
Known for exceptional volume and brilliant resonance, the exquisite Meisterklasse is the only Hohner diatonic harmonica made with a lightweight metal comb. Designed for musicians who are serious about ...
Hohner Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica
Perfectly tuned brass reeds and a pearwood comb allow this model to play 2 chromatic octaves. The 10-hole, 40-reed Chromonica features chrome-plated covers and wind-saving valves for greater tone volu ...
Hohner Super Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica
The top choice of many discriminating harmonica artists, Hohner's Super Chromonica features a warm pearwood body with a smooth chrome-plated mouthpiece. This solo tuned 48-reed model has a full three ...
1 - 12 products displayed out of 12    Total Pages:  1