Electro Harmonix Lpb2Ube

Electro Harmonix Lpb2Ube
The LPB 2ube is the velvety entranceway your instrument has been waiting for. Much like its name suggests, this line-level preamp utilizes two tubes to deliver optimum gain while remaining quiet and transparent. Offering amazing definition and warmth that you wouldn't expect to find in a foot pedal, the LPB 2ube applies a full 300 volts to the tube plates so you get total performance and power without compromising your tone quality.In either stereo or dual mono mode, the LPB 2ube offers numerous applications. Two warm and full frequency inputs and outputs, as well as the potential to gang the I/Os, make for a clean pre-amp stage with both a master volume and master drive controls. A highly adjustable and sweet-sounding guitar drive can be used for either recording or as an amazing.

Model: LPB2UBE