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Digitech 'The Weapon' Dan Donegan Signature Pedal
Introducing The Weapon. Seven radically different signature tones from Dan Donegan of Disturbed in a limited-edition DigiTech® effects pedal.

Dan Donegan of the multi-platinum band Disturbed as ...
By combining the world’s most powerful multi-modeling bass guitar processor with a digital 8-track recorder, the BNX3 gives you everything you need to perform, practice, write and produce songs in a s ...
Digitech Bp200 Bass Guitar Multi Fx Unit
The BP200 is a revolutionary Amp Modeling/Multi-effects processor designed specifically for bass guitar. Under the hood of the BP200 is the powerful AudioDNA™ DSP processor, providing 16 bass amp and ...
Digitech Bp50 Bass Guitar Multi Fx Unit
Meet the newest member of our bass modeling floor processor line–the new feature-packed BP50. Our bass guitar-freak engineers built the BP50 with the great tone and effects you expect from DigiTech, i ...
Digitech Bp80 Bass Guitar Multi Fx Unit
The BP80 is a revolutionary Amp Modeling multi-effects processor for the performing bassist. Powered by DigiTech’s awesome AudioDNA™ DSP processor, the BP80 features 16 bass amp and stompbox models an ...
Digitech Brian May 'Red Special' Signature Pedal
Seven signature sounds with fourteen unique variations, spanning over thirty years of tone. From the umistakable solos of "We Will Rock You" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" to the one and only 'Deacy' amp, th ...
Digitech Cf7 Chorus Factory With Free Power Supply
7 All-Time Favorite Chorus Effects, Modeled in a Single X-Series Pedal

Introducing the DigiTech CF-7 Chorus Factory. Think of it as 1-stomp shopping for all of your ultra high quality chorus ne ...
Digitech Dbm Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive Pedal
The Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive gives your guitar amp a boost just when you need it. This rugged pedal produces the smooth natural character of an overdriven tube amp while maintaining your guitar's dis ...
Digitech Ddm Death Metal Extreme Distortion Pedal
The legendary Death Metal pedal is by far the most extreme distortion you will ever hear. Simply put, we have turned the gain up to “eleven” and ripped the knob off. Level, Low, Mid, and High tone con ...
Digitech Df7 Distortion Factory With Free Power Supply
Inspired by seven of the world’s most famous distortion pedals.

Distortion pedals are as important to the world of guitar playing as guitar playing is to modern music. How do you get a whole s ...
Digitech Dg Grunge Pedal
The Grunge pedal has a legendary status few pedals have ever attained. Designed for cutting edge guitarists who want a unique sound, the Grunge provides the tones today’s music requires. Whether it’s ...
Digitech Dhh Hot Head Distortion Pedal
The Hot Head Distortion is a multi-purpose pedal for any music style where distortion is needed. Armed with flexible Low, High, and Gain controls, the Hot Head can dial in just the right tone for your ...
Digitech Dod 250 Overdrive Reissue Fx Pedal
The famous DOD 250 has returned and it's still screeching and roaring! Ideal for players who like to clean up their tone and just clip the top of the signal. Includes a level and gain control, and tha ...
Digitech Dod Fx20C Stereo Phase Fx Pedal
The FX20C is DOD's unique stereo phaser pedal. The rich phasing gives you that classic phaser sound, but also provides the option of adding regeneration to the effect. No other effect sounds like as a ...
Digitech Dod Fx22 Vibro Thang Tremelo
Shakin' All Over!

A whole lotta vibrato - and more! Sure, you get the "conventional" vibrato effect, fuller and with more vibe than you've ever heard it before. But the FX22 also packs in a rot ...
Digitech Dod Fx25B Envelope Filter
Envelope Filter Guitar Pedal. Fantastic, funky automatic wah sound, combined with an excellent blend control. This makes the FX25 equally responsive to both the guitar and bass guitar. ...
Digitech Dod Fx25B Envelope Filter Fx Pedal
Envelope Filter Guitar Pedal. Fantastic, funky automatic wah sound, combined with an excellent blend control. This makes the FX25 equally responsive to both the guitar and bass guitar.

Digitech Dod Fx55B Supra Distortion
Distortion - With A Twist!

A kinder, gentler distortion pedal? Sort of. The FX55B Supra Distortion pedal is powerful, loud stuff that won't disappoint anyone who is serious about their distorti ...
Digitech Dod Fx64 Ice Box Stereo Chorus
Get Yourself Some Cold New Effects!

Thirsty for a fresh sound? Go to the Ice Box ! The FX64 Ice Box Stereo Chorus gives you a bright, wide chorus sound that can take your guitar playing to a wh ...
Digitech Dod Fx66 Flashback Fuzz
Get yourself back to the 70s with this super psychedelic fuzz box and time machine. Groovy cosmetics, man, and all the controls you need to fuzz it to the limit. ...
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