Danelectro Wasabi Echo/Distortion

Danelectro Wasabi Echo/Distortion
Mass produced, digital-sounding effects are fine… if you want to sound like everybody else.Wasabi is for those who don’t.Wasabi effects include a lot of “firsts” that allow you to capture all the tone that you have been missing.• Wasabi’s “Input Sensitivity Control” matches the input sensitivity of the effect to the output of your particular pickups… greatly enhancing your tone.• Wasabi’s “Direct/Effect Mix Control” allows you to mix into your clean guitar signal as much or as little of the effect as you want… adding captivating subtleties and nuances.• Wasabi offers 4 pre-set EQ’s, modifiable with the on-board tone controls, for infinite tonal variation.• All Wasabi’s feature a second sound “parameter” which you can “add in” by means of a second foot switch. Example: Add a great tube amp tremolo to the already rich Wasabi chorus (sync the speeds… or don’t… for tantalizing syncopation).Admittedly, Wasabi isn’t for everybody… But that’s the point.

Model: DAS1