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Danelectro 'Bacon & Eggs' Mini Amp & Distortion
Plug in just the guitar and you have a very cool mini amp with powerful speaker built in to the pedal. Great tone and great power. Then plug in the lead to the amplifier and it's a great distortion bo ...
Danelectro 'Black Coffee' Metal Distortion
If your into metal, wake up & smell the coffee. Nobody does metal better! ...
Danelectro 'Black Liquorice' Beyond Metal Distortion
Metal never tasted so sweet! Drop you down one octave plus adds a raging distortion. The combination is captivating! ...
Danelectro 'Blt' Slap Back Echo
Shower room' echoes you haven't heard since the late 50's recordings. A treat! ...
Danelectro 'Blueberry Muffin' Chromatic Tuner
Full featured chromatic tuner with the convenience of a pedal ...
Danelectro 'Chili Dog' Octave
Choose one or two octaves down-mix with original signal to taste! ...
Danelectro 'Cool Cat' Chorus
Once you hear this vintage chorus, you will realise nothing else even comes close.True stereo sound with second output jack. Very rich, sweet & smooth. ...
Danelectro 'Corned Beef' Reverb
Thrill to a warm reverb sound you haven't heard since your mom tossed out you 45's. ...
Danelectro 'Daddy O' Overdrive
The Grandaddy of OVERDRIVE' DADDY O is the ultimate tube amp overdrive. A virtual 'stack in a box'. An unheard of 3 tone controls allows the user 'dial in' incredible 'hollow midrange' & other sought ...
Danelectro 'Dan - Echo' Vintage Delay/Echo
Cool vintage tape effects. The warmth of an all-tube echo with the convenience of a pedal. Hi-Cut control cuts high frequencies on repeats – perfectly simulating the tone of a 60's era tape echo. The ...
Danelectro 'Fab Tone' Distortion
Danelectro pioneered tube amps in 1947. FAB TONE is the definitive vintage distortion. The tonality of this pedal is far superior to vintage distortion units Two tone controls offer infinite variation ...
Danelectro 'Fish & Chips' 7 Band Eq
Graphic EQ for stage or studio use. Noise free. Level control for boost or cut! ...
Danelectro 'French Fries' Auto Wah
Funky 70's effects you haven't heard since you tossed out your bell bottoms! ...
Danelectro 'Grilled Cheese' Distortion
Hollow, tunnel-like 'cheesy' 60's distortion. Amaze your fans. Nothing like it! ...
Danelectro 'Hash Browns' Flanger
Real 60's 'thumb on the reel' flange effects. Delightful! ...
Danelectro 'Lemon Pitcher' Tuner
Refreshingly accurate for guitar & bass! ...
Danelectro 'Lunch Box' Mini Pedal Case / Pedal Board
Thousands own Dano Mini Pedals. They carry around their Pastrami, their BLT, and their Hash Browns in little brown bags – how uncool!Enter the Danelectro Mini Pedal Case...Tough moulded case holds 5 D ...
Danelectro 'Milk Shake' Chorus
Sounds so real you can feel the heat from your 1956 tube amp. Hard/Soft switch to perfectly simulate tremolos from different 50's era amps. Tasty! ...
Danelectro 'Molten Metal' 4 Pedal Pack
Want to be sure that you’ve got that real red-hot shred tone? Don’t worry – Danelectro have now made it easy to get that distinctive, fast-flowing guitar tone with their new ‘Molten Metal Pack’!
< ...
Danelectro 'Pastrami' Overdrive
Well seasoned overdrive with great sustain. Delicious tone! ...
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