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Boss Ab2 Amp Switching Pedal
OverviewThe BOSS AB-2 is a 2-way selector that makes changing inputs or outputs easy. One stomp is all it takes to instantly switch between two guitars or effects setups, change amplifiers or switch b ...
Boss Ac3 Acoustic Simulator
Advanced Electric-To-Acoustic Guitar Modelling

How many times have you been on stage or in the studio with your electric guitar, and wished that youíd brought an acoustic along? For musicians w ...
Boss Ad3 Acoustic Processor Pedal
Product Description

Developed exclusively for live performance, the AD-3 gives acoustic-electric guitarists a warmer, richer sound thanks to its tone shaping controls specially tailored for aco ...
Boss Aw3 Auto Wah Pedal
Unbelievable "Talking" Wah Effects!

Compact pedal creates a variety of classic "wah" effects.
"Humanizer" effect creates human voice-type sounds.
Dedicated Bass input for processing bas ...
Boss Bd2 Blues Driver Pedal
The Perfect Distortion for Blues.

Classic "blues" guitar tones with outstanding tube amp simulation
Warm distortion and overdrive
Responds to nuance and volume changes
AC adaptor or ...
Boss Bf3 Flanger Pedal
A Legendary Flanging Pedal is Reborn

Building on the 20-year legacy of the famous BOSS BF-2, the new BF-3 Flanger pedal gives guitarists and bassists an updated version of the classic BOSS flan ...
Boss Br1200Cd
Boss BR1200CD 12 Track Recorder with CDR and Effects

The Boss BR1200CD can turn ideas into pro-quality songs with power and ease - all the way from guitar pick to CD! Packed with great COSM ef ...
Boss Br600
The latest arrival in the BOSS recording line, the BR-600, is bound to raise BOSSís recording profile even higher. Meet the most physically streamlined, feature-rich eight-track studio on the market. ...
Boss BR900CD 8 Track Recorder with CDR and Effects

The Boss BR-900CD is the Small-but-Mighty Studio with a Built-in Burner
The BR-900CD the musicianís portable dream studio. Itís road toug ...
Boss Ce20 Chorus Ensemble Twin Pedal
The CE-20 Chorus Ensemble is the culmination of over 25 years of BOSS chorus experience. This programmable chorus pedal not only models classics like the CE-1 and SDD-320, but creates entirely new eff ...
Boss Ce5 Chorus Ensemble Pedal
The CE-5 chorus covers a wide frequency range and features high- and low-cut filters. This lets you create any kind of chorus effect from a mild, natural chorus to the clear and penetrating stereo cho ...
Boss Ceb3 Bass Chorus Pedal
Bass Chorus Specifically designed for bass applications. Low filter knob to avoid muddiness. Stereo or mono outputs. From subtle detuning to rich, spacious chorus. AC adaptor or 9V battery operation. ...
Boss Ch1 Super Chorus Pedal
Boss - CH-1 Super Chorus - A Unique Stereo Chorus.

The CH-1 SUPER Chorus features sharp sounds with clear highs, and a stereo effect that varies depending on the spacing between the left and r ...
Boss Cs3 Compressor Sustain Pedal
Improves Your Overall Tone.

The CS-3 compresses high-input signals while boosting low-input signals, giving you smooth sustain without degrading the quality of the original sound. A range of e ...
Boss Dd20 Gigadelay Twin Pedal

The BOSS DD-20 Giga Delay offers more User memory and the longest delay of any effect pedalóup to 23 seconds! Delay time can be quickly set using the push-button knob or via tap tempo ...
Boss Dd3 Digital Delay Pedal
This compact pedal provides a digital delay effect with outstanding quality equivalent to that of a dedicated rack-mount delay unit. In addition to three delay time modes, a DELAY TIME control is furn ...
Boss Dd6 Stereo Digital Delay
Essential Delay and Reverb-Now in Stereo

Even must-have workhorses need bringing up to date. Meet the DD-6 Digital Delay. The DD-6 has stereo input and output jacks for true stereo applications ...
Boss Dn2 Dyna Drive
The DN-2 is an exciting new type of overdrive pedal that reacts to the intensity of your performance. This unique BOSS pedal comes equipped with the acclaimed Dyna Amp technology recently introduced i ...
Boss Ds1 Distortion Pedal
Boss - DS1 - distortion

Distortion The DS-1 provides a harder distortion effect for guitar and keyboard sounds. Instead of toneless, fuzzy distortion, the DS-1 faithfully reproduces all the su ...
Boss Ds2 Turbo Distortion Pedal
The DS-2 features twin TURBO modes. TURBO Mode I produces warm and mellow distortion with flat frequency response. TURBO Mode II provides biting distortion with a mid-range boost that's great for lead ...
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