Roland Pc180A

Roland Pc180A
The PC180 is one of the most affordable keyboards of its kind, and also a good starting point for any piano tuition software, having full size keys, rather than mini keyC adapter, and includes a MIDI cable. If you are painstakingly entering notes into a computer using sequencing or notation software, or programming a hardware sequencer or rack synth workstation, you'll find it much easier and less laborious if you have aaftertouch, etc. and there is a footswitch input for a sustain pedal. The PC180 includes transpose buttons for instant shifts up or down, by one or two octaves, and can transmit patch or bank changes and Roland GS commands. It will runon batteries or an ALow cost MIDI controller keyboard, with 4 octave, full size, velocity sensitive keys and a dual function pitch bend / modulation joystick. The data entry slider and joystick may be assigned to standard MIDI controllers, such as reverb depth, pan and volume.

Model: PC180A