Fender Acoustasonic Strat

Fender Acoustasonic Strat
The Acoustasonic(tm) Stratocaster® is the first true acoustic Strat® -- the perfect marriage of classic and hi-tech! The Acoustasonic's Alder body is hollowed out and topped off with a patented brace-less graphite composite top, which has a directional wood grain-like pattern that reacts and sounds like Spruce. Three internal graphite rods placed horizontally across the body cavity, ensure the integrity of the structure. The bridge, with its built-in controls (so as to free up the top for full acoustic potential), incorporates a 3-piece saddle arrangement for correct intonation with individual piezo pickups under each saddle. The newly designed electronics maximize the advantages afforded by the three separate pickups to deliver unbelievable acoustic tone -- especially through any of our Acoustasonic series amplifiers. The specially positioned and shaped dual sound holes deliver exceptional natural acoustic tone and surprising volume when played without amplification. Couple all this with a bolt on the 22-fret Fender electric guitar neck, and you've got the easiest playing and, undoubtedly, most comfortable acoustic guitar made. AcoustasonicTM Strat® (Polyester Finish)